We offer a complete range of expertise in Construction & Structural Engineering such as Construction of industrial buildings, Real Estate building, and management, Office complex and accommodation for individuals, cooperate organizations, general renovations, construction of roads and bridges, Waste-Water Treatment, Project Development, and general consultant.

We also developed a reputation for ensuring accredited procedures, meeting project procurement, and efficiency, implementation requirements, regardless of project sizes by the introduction of suitable technology/skills with general safety as one of our top priorities.

Not only are our consumer priorities sensitive and sympathetic, but we are also pragmatic in terms of how we interact with our consumers. Our ability to please our customers offers an impulse and a clear willingness in carrying out project briefs and in particular when engaging in turnkey projects.

Best in all Construction works

For a decade now, Sly-Jay Global Engineering has offered consistency, development, responsiveness, and customer support to any commercial construction project. This philosophy of integrity, responsibility, and quality led to Sly-Jay Global Engineering’s evolvement.

The key principle of Sly-Jay Global Engineering Construction business is to build quality construction projects on schedule and on a budget in compliance with their original requirements. Since 2010, we have built our reputation on architectural ability, engineering, professionalism, authenticity, and consistency. Customer loyalty contributes to all facets of our industry as a business contractor. These time-honored attributes are integrated into any project designed by Sly-Jay Global Engineering.

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Best In All Renovation work

In Renovation we apply innovation, Sly-Jay Global Engineering relies on our wealth of experience in bringing back to trend your old structured building or constructed facility ranging from office complex to homes, shopping mall, and real estate. All you need do is to give us the go-ahead on how you wanted it done or better still you can choose from the variety of catalog. The company’s skilled professionals will give that old project a new facet with today’s modern-day technology.

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Real Estate/Property Development

Over the years, our projects speak for us, ranging from single office buildings to industrial parks, single departments to major shopping malls and residential estate we have built. We appreciate the high quality, sustainable growth in all the projects we have done, and our worker’s consistency/support is immeasurable with that of our competitors. We always concentrate on making decisive actions on designs and swift deals on real estate management.

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Civil Engineering

In order to meet your set goals and objectives, our civil engineers understand architecture, engineering, and construction nuances to complete your projects, we offer the best design services possible. Our advantage is that we are equipped with the best architectural, engineering, and construction professionals that have mastered the processes and can provide you with cost-effective solutions.

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Waste Management.

You need not worry about your waste, sly jay Global Engineering handles both solid and liquid waste in the best possible way including dumping in Government approved dumpsite, and also undertake proper waste management recycling. you can count on us for your waste management.

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Welding and Fabrication

Our Welding and Fabrication team is second to noon, they are capable of handling any kind of welding and fabrication project, ranging from pipe filtering, tools, and equipment, working materials of all kinds. Our mechanical team is fully on the ground to give your match and your desired specification with trending innovation and technology. you can count on us.

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